Calreticulin, a calcium-binding molecular chaperone, is required

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Calreticulin, a calcium-binding molecular chaperone, is required for stress response and sperm fertility in C. elegans



- 일 시 : 2001년 10월 10일(수) 15:00-16:00


- 장 소 : 생명동 104호 세미나실


- 연 사 : 안주홍 교수

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- Abstract

Calreticulin, a Ca2+-binding protein known to have many cellular functions including regulation of Ca2+ homoeostasis and chaperone activity, is essential for heart and brain development during embryogenesis in mice. Here we report the functional characterization of C. elegans calreticulin (crt-1). A crt-1 null mutant does not result in embryonic lethality but shows temperature-dependent reproduction defects.

In C. elegans CRT-1 is expressed in the intestine, pharynx, body-wall

muscles, head neurons, coelomocytes, and in sperm. crt-1 males exhibit

reduced mating efficiency and defects late in sperm development. dditionally, crt-1 and itr-1 (inositol triphosphate receptor) together are required for normal behavioral rhythms. crt-1 transcript level is elevated under stress conditions suggesting that CRT-1 may be important for stress-induced chaperoning function in C. elegans.


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