Mechanism and function of Tet-mediated dynamic regulation of 5mC

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  • 2014-04-16



▶Subject: Mechanism and function of Tet-mediated dynamic regulation of 5mC



▶Speaker: Yi Zhang Ph.D.(Harvard Medical School)



▶Date: 2:00PM/April/21(Mon)/2014



▶Place: Auditorium(1F), Postech Biotech Center




  Epigenetic modifications play important roles in diverse biological processes that range from regulation of gene expression, embryonic development, stem cell reprogramming, and human diseases. One of the epigenetic modifications is DNA methylation. Although enzymes responsible for DNA methylation have been well characterized, enzymes that responsible for active DNA demethylation in mammalian cells have remained elusive. Recent studies have suggested that the ten-eleven translocation (Tet)-mediated oxidation of 5mC might be part of the DNA demethylation process. Biochemical studies suggest that DNA demethylation can be achieved by Tet-mediated 5mC oxidation followed by Tdg-mediated glycosylation and BER. Genetic studies suggest that Tet proteins play important role in regulating DNA methylation in zygotes and PGCs. Current work is focused on understanding how Tet proteins perform these diverse functions.


▶Inquiry: Prof. Joo-Yeon Yoo (279-2346)



 * This seminar will be given in English