Finding New Functional Proteins by Signal-Mediating Chemicals

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Finding New Functional Proteins by Signal-Mediating Chemicals

- 일 시 : 2001년 6월 1일(금) 9:30

- 장 소 : 화학관 408호 멀티미디어실

- 연 사 : 유재훈 박사 (KIST)

- 문 의 : 류성호 교수 (279-2292)


- Abstract

The fast discovery of druggable target proteins is one of the main goal for the post-gemone research. Reverse genetics using druggable chemical ligands and affinity selection could be one of the powerful tool for discovering new therapeutic target proteins. In this regard, we have been trying to select proteins against a variety of biologically interesting compounds. Mainly we are focused on signal mediating and signal inhibiting molecules such as cell-surface carbohydrates as the chemical ligands. Affinity selections of proteins among the phage-displayed protein libraries not only gave us the ligand-related proteins but also new target proteins. Investigation of biochemical and biological functions of these new target proteins might elucidate new biological pathways that could be mediated by the new protein and could be controlled by the corresponding chemical ligands.

Jaehoon Yu, Ph.D.

1978-1982 Department of Agricultural Chemistry, Seoul National University, B.S.

1982-1984 Department of Chemistry, Seoul National University, M.S.

1985-1990 Department of Chemistry, University of Utah, Ph.D.

1990-1992 Affymax Research Institute, Post-Doc.

1992-1993 Department of Chemistry, UC Berkeley, Post-Doc.

1993-Present Senior Research Scientist, Korea Institute of Science and Technology