Sciences with PAL-XFEL

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  • 2014-05-27


[Life Sciences Seminar] 



▶Subject: Sciences with PAL-XFEL 



▶Speaker: Prof. In-Soo Ko (PAL_XFEL Project Director,  Department of Physics, POSTECH)



▶Date: 4:00PM/June/2(Mon)/2014



▶Place: Auditorium(1F), Postech Biotech Center



        PAL-XFEL project is aiming to produce 0.1 nm coherent X-ray laser to photon beam users. In order to produce such photons, there are 10-GeV electron linac based on S-band normal conducting accelerating structures and a 150-m long out-vacuum undulator system. The project is already started in April 2011, and the 1.1 km-long building is expected to be completed by November 2014. The injector test facility (ITF) which is the first 139-MeV section of the main linac has been installed and is in normal operation at the extension of the PLS linac building. In this talk, I will introduce the project in general, a brief summary of site preparation and building construction, and the beam test results of ITF. Finally, potential applications of ultra-short pulsed, coherent X-rays will be introduced with the emphasis on the structural molecular biology and the ultra-fast chemical dynamics in the range of femtoseconds.


▶Inquiry: Prof. Sung Key Jang (279-2298)



  * This seminar will be given in Korean