A novel immunosuppressive drug, tautomycetin, acts by inducing a

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A novel immunosuppressive drug, tautomycetin, acts by inducing activated T cell-specific apoptosis 



- 일시: 2001년 5월 30일(수) 오후 2:45∼4:00

- 연사: 이상규 박사님

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- 장소: 생명동 1층 세미나실 (104호)

- 문의처: 생명과학과 성영철 교수(☎ 279-2294)


- Abstract

Tautomycetin,  identified as a novel immunosuppressor of activated T cells, showed maximal inhibition of T cell proliferation at concentration 100 fold lower than cyclosporin A.  Induction of IL-2, CD69 and IL-2R gene expression in activated T cells was inhibited and phosphorylation of intracellular signal mediators downstream of Lck and Fyn was specifically blocked in a T cell-specific and dose-dependent manner. Inhibition of T cell activation through Tautomycetin  induced apoptosis due to cleavage of Bcl-2, caspase-9, caspase-3 and PARP, but not caspase-1.  In tautomycetin-treated heterotopic cardiac allograft rats, the graft survived more than 160 days comparable to graft survival in isografted or allografted rats treated with cyclosporin A. Thus, tautomycetin can be used as a potent T cell specific immunosuppressor due to its different mechansim from Cyclosporin A or FK506.