Studies on a novel gene family

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Studies on a novel gene family encoding putative

transcriptional regulators in deepwater rice and Arabidopsis

- 일시: 2001년 3월 30일(금요일) 오후 4시

- 연사: 김 정 회 박사

       MSU-DOE Plant Research Laboratory

       Michigan State University

- 장소: 생명관 104호 세미나실

-  문의처: 생명과학과 이영숙 교수(☎ 279-2296)


- Abstract


was identified in a search for genes that are differentially

expressed in deepwater rice (Oryza sativa L.) internodes in

response to gibberellin (Van der Knaap et al., 2000). Os-GRF1

has two regions displaying general features of transcription

regulators, and contains a functional nuclear localization

signal. One of those two regions, named as QLQ domain, is

similar to a protein interaction domain of SWI2/SNF2, which

is a subunit of a chromatin-remodeling complex in yeast.

The other domain, WRC, is novel and found only in plant

proteins of unknown function. To study its role in plant

growth, Os-GRF1 was expressed in Arabidopsis. Bolting of

inflorescence stem of transformed plants was severely

inhibited, indicating that Os-GRF1 may play a regulatory

role in stem elongation.

In Arabidopsis thaliana, we have identified nine homologues

of Os-GRF1, named as GRL1 (GRF1-like) through GRL9. At-GRL

proteins show the same characteristic features, including

the highly conserved QLQ and WRC domains as does OsGRF1.

RNA gel blot and promoter::GUS fusion analyses show that

GRLs are highly expressed in the shoot tips, flowers, and


To determine the function of GRLs, we have identified T-DNA

insertional mutants for GRL1 through GRL3. However, we did

not observed a phenotype for those knock-out mutants under

different growing conditions and at different developmental



Apart from the reverse genetic approach, we are going

'forward' back again !

Van der Knaap E, Kim JH, Kende, H (2000) A novel

gibberellin-induced genes from rice and its potential

regulatory role in stem growth. Plant Physiol 122: 695-704