Zebrafish as a Tool for Functional Genomics

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Zebrafish as a Tool for Functional Genomics



- 일 시 : 2001년 9월 14일(금) 16:00-17:00


- 장 소 : 생명동 104호 세미나실


- 연 사 : 김철희 교수 (충남대학교 생물학과)


- Abstract

The vertebrate organizer can induce a complete body axis

when transplanted to the ventral side of a host embryo by

virtue of its distinct head and trunk inducing properties.

Wingless/Wnt antagonists secreted by the organizer have

been identified as head inducers. Their ectopic expression

can promote head formation, whereas ectopic activation of

Wnt signalling during early gastrulation blocks head formation.

These observations suggest that the ability of head inducers

to inhibit Wnt signalling during formation of anterior structures

is what distinguishes them from trunk inducers that permit the

operation of posteriorizing Wnt signals. Here we describe the

zebrafish headless (hdl) mutant and show that its severe head

defects are due to a mutation in T-cell factor-3 (Tcf3), a member

of the Tcf/Lef family. Loss of Tcf3 function in the hdl mutant reveals

that hdl represses Wnt target genes. We provide genetic evidence

that a component of the Wnt signalling pathway is essential in

vertebrate head formation and patterning.

- 문의처 : 한진관 교수 (279-2126)