Cereblon ? A new regulator of T cell activation

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  • 2014-04-14


[2014 Spring Life Sciences & IBB Regular Seminar] 



▶Subject: Cereblon ? A new regulator of T cell activation



▶Speaker: Sung Gyoo Park, Ph.D. (GIST)



▶Date: 4:00PM/April/11(Fri)/2014



▶Place: Chemistry Bldg. #401




    Cereblon (CRBN) is a well-known target of thalidomide, which is increasingly used as an immune modulatory drug. Thalidomide increases immune cell activation and cytokine production, including CD4+ T cell activation and IL-2 production. Here, we show that CRBN deficiency in CD4+ T cells increased IL-2 production and early activation. In addition, CRBN deficiency in na?ve CD4+ T cells dramatically increased potassium channel expression levels. Finally, CRBN was found to bind to potassium channel and regulate calcium influx through the control of potassium flux. CRBN plays a role in CD4+ T cell activation by regulating potassium channel expression levels and channel activity.


▶Inquiry: Prof.Yoontae Lee(279-2354)



 * This seminar will be given in English