POSTECH’s Impressive Research Infra Structure (Nature)

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  • 작성자 최고관리자
  • 2020-06-10


Nature Research Highlights에 가속기를 이용한 신약개발 연구와 생명과학과에서 추진하는 BOIC와 세포막 단백질연구소 내용이 메인으로 실렸습니다.
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POSTECH is now increasingly spotlighted for its research successes, cutting-edge technologies, and world-class research facilities with the third-generation accelerator, the Pohang Light Source-II (PLS-II), and a fourth-generation one, the Pohang Accelerator Laboratory X-ray Free Electron Laser (PAL-XFEL). Check out the POSTECH’s outstanding academic research performances in Volume 581 Issue 7809 of Nature.