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Seminar 목록
세미나일시 제목 연사 장소
2017.12.12(화) 오후4:30 Unraveling the role of MATR3 in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) 새글
2017.12.12(화) 오후4:30 / Prof. Jeehye Park
Prof. Jeehye Park PBC 대강당
2017.12.5(화) 오후4:00 Transcribed enhancers in gene regulatory network 새글
2017.12.5(화) 오후4:00 / Prof. Tae-Kyung Kim
Prof. Tae-Kyung Kim PBC 대강당
2017.12.4(월) 오후4:00 A new mechanism controlling mitotic progression 새글
2017.12.4(월) 오후4:00 / Taekyung Kim, Ph.D.
Taekyung Kim, Ph.D. 화학관 400호
2017.11.24(금) 오후4:30 Prevention of diabetic retinopathy and hyperglycemic 새글
2017.11.24(금) 오후4:30 / Prof. Kwon-Soo Ha
Prof. Kwon-Soo Ha PBC 대강당
2017.11.22(수) 오전11:00 Blocking promiscuous activation at cryptic promoters directs cell type-specific gene expression 새글
2017.11.22(수) 오전11:00 / Jongmin Kim Ph.D.
Jongmin Kim Ph.D. 생명관 104호
2017.11.10(금) 오후4:30 Cancer Metabolism:Strategic Diversion from Targeting Cancer Drivers to Targeting Cancer Suppliers 새글
2017.11.10(금) 오후4:30 / Prof. Soo-Youl Kim
Prof. Soo-Youl Kim PBC 대강당
2017.11.3(금) 오후4:30 Leveraging the Biological Transport to Improve Cancer Nanomedicine 새글
2017.11.3(금) 오후4:30 / Prof. Ji-Ho Park
Prof. Ji-Ho Park PBC 대강당
2017.11.2(목) 오후4:00 Stalled nascent polypeptides in health and disease
2017.11.2(목) 오후4:00 / Young-Jun Choe Ph.D.
Young-Jun Choe Ph.D. 생명관104호
2017.11.2(목) 오후4:00 Stalled nascent polypeptides in health and disease 새글
2017.11.2(목) 오후4:00 / Young-Jun Choe, Ph.D.
Young-Jun Choe, Ph.D. 생명관 104호
2017.10.27(금) 오후4:30 Towards understanding morphogenesis and function of phloem
2017.10.27(금) 오후4:30 / Prof. Ykä Helariutta
Prof. Ykä Helariutta PBC 대강당
2017.10.27(Fri) 13:25 ~ 18:20 2017 POSTECH-KAIST Plant Symposium 새글
2017.10.27(Fri) 13:25 ~ 18:20 /
생명공학연구센터 강당
2017.10.26(목) 오후4:00 Ribocomputing: leveraging RNA for computation in the cell
2017.10.26(목) 오후4:00 / Jongmin Kim, Ph.D.
Jongmin Kim, Ph.D. PBC 대강당
2017.10.25(수) 오후2:00 Physiologic function of Fibroblast growth factor 21 (FGF21) in reward and hydration regulation
2017.10.25(수) 오후2:00 / Parkyong Song Yea Ph.D.
Parkyong Song Yea Ph.D. PBC 대회의실(179호)
2017.10.25(수) 오후4:00 Genetics of time perception and interval timing in Drosophila melanogaster
2017.10.25(수) 오후4:00 / Prof. Woo Jae Kim
Prof. Woo Jae Kim PBC 대강당
2017.10.24(화) 오후4:00 Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms Linking Cell-to-Cell Variation to Pluripotency
2017.10.24(화) 오후4:00 / Jiwon Jang, Ph.D.
Jiwon Jang, Ph.D. PBC 대강당